What are the advantages of LEF brand products,compared with similar products?

LEF relays are our own brands. Although the brand influence is not the same as that of Omron Schneider, the quality and after-sales guarantee can be equal to them. Based on the same quality standards, our prices are more advantageous.

Compared with other low-priced products in the Chinese market, our LEF brand relays can bring you more added value, including the following:

1. Efficient automated production, effectively shortening the delivery time of orders, and occupying business opportunities and market share in advance for you. Product value increased by at least 5%-10%
2. Uniform high-standard thick-material carton and safety protective packaging used in packaging to reduce the loss caused by packaging problems during shipping or air transportation. Product value increased by at least 10%-20%
3. High-quality product screening, strive to clean and clean the surface of the product, no scratches, dirt and dust, improve the appearance value of the product. Product value increased by at least 8%-10%
4. Free maintenance and after-sales guarantee, so that every purchase has professional maintenance guarantee. Product value increased by at least 10%-15%

With the same quality products, our after-sales service and maintenance can help you to increase your product added value and later profits by at least 30-50%. I believe that our LEF relay is a cost-effective brand.

If you have certain requirements for product quality, it is recommended to refer to our recommendations and make further considerations.
Of course, we also decided to respect the positioning of the customer's target market, and we are willing to customize different quality products according to the target price that the customer can accept to meet the needs of the customer's target market competition.

OEM &ODM is available or not?

Yes, It is available.both product details and packaging can be customized, there will be certain MOQ requirements.

Can you accept mini quanitity order?

Yes,we can, we accept all international orders to have an ongoing minimum order quantity.

What is the average lead time?

For samples, the lead time is about 7-10 days after payment confirmed.

For mass production, the lead time is 15-25 days after receiving the deposit payment.

The lead times become effective when (1) we have received your deposit, and (2) we have your final approval for your products. In most cases we are able to do so.

What is the payment method? Can I pay online?

Our regular payment methods are T/T, Paypal, Western Union, and large orders can also accept L/C.
Sample orders are generally paid via paypal and Western Union. Orders less than $4,000 are generally 100% prepaid, orders larger than $4,000 can accept 30% deposit + 70% of the payment method.
Support online payment, customers in need can pay through Paypal or credit card through our online platform such as Alibaba, Globalsources, and official website.
The following is a link to our online payment platform:
Alibaba: https://rocfly-green.en.alibaba.com/
Globalsources: http://relay-international.manufacturer.globalsources.com
Official website: http://www.rocfly-relay.com

what is your regular package for relay and other products?

We usually use our Nuetral package with Brown or Foam inner box +brown outer carton for delivery. It is also can be customized client’s box under MOQ with brand If need.

Can I have my own logo sticker on the product of relay?

Yes. Please inform us of your specific requirements and confirm all the details before mass production.free to add sticker, it will charge module design fee if need to print your logo.

Does the product have warranty? How to claim replacement after sale if have problem?

Our products have a lifetime of life, provide 2 years of after-sales service, faulty products can be returned to us or provide fault video for testing, the factory will analyze the specific causes of failure according to the materials provided and improve the replacement products. The product will be replaced free of charge, and the replacement product will be sent to the customer along with the next batch of orders. If you need to send it separately, the shipping cost will be borne by the customer. The specific warranty terms are as follows:
Quality Assurance: The manufacturer guarantees that the product in the sales activity does not have any quality problems and provides a guarantee within 24 months from the date of issuance of the proforma invoice. If a defect occurs during the warranty period, the purchased product or video must be sent to our factory with a description of the problem and PI for repair.

Warranty exclusion: overhead, such as shipping, travel and stay. The manufacturer is not responsible for any loss of profits, damage, accidents, etc. caused by human factors. The equipment is only responsible for repairs or replacement of force majeure caused by defective parts and other non-human factors.

Invalid warranty: If the equipment fails due to insufficient electrical installation or equipment in a harsh environment / unauthorized modification or use of any content other than the technical specifications, the warranty will be void, and this will be borne by you. The manufacturer reserves the right to modify any information contained in this notice without prior notice.

Why the sample order unit prices will be higher than the bulk order but the delivery time is nearly same Long as bulk order sometimes?

If sample you ordered is in stock, the delivery can be delivered immediately. But factories generally don't do too much inventory to increase their own operating costs. and if there are a lot of orders to product, they have no time to make inventory orders.

The sample order will be calculated at the retail price, but in fact the sample order is a lost-cost order for factory. Because although your samples is a few or dozens, and the prices is higher than the price of large bulk orders. But in fact, the minimum cost MOQ for our single automated production line is 200pcs, which means several or dozens of sample orders, and the factoryi still also needs to order at least 200pcs relay materials for production. This is very high labor and production costs for the factory.
Although the amount of your sample order is tens of dollars or a few hundred dollars but it is not enough to pay for the cost of our factory.If you do not have large orders in the future, we can't hedge the production cost of the previous sample order.


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